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Pocket UFO

Yes this is it UFO: Enemy Unkown for the Pocket PC, works wonderfully well on my 400Mhz device and has all features supported as far as I can tell. The developers of this gem are Russian but the game itself is mostly in English.

# Pocket PC with Strong ARM or X-Scale processor 200MHz or faster (400Mhz is recommended)
# 12Mb of storage space (16Mb is recommended)
# 8Мб of programm space (16Mb is recommended)
# Hi-color display 240x320 (QVGA) or 480x640 (VGA)

Tranport Tycoon Deluxe for the Pocket PC

Again a PC port of a classic game. This one is even supposed to support VGA but as I do not own a VGA Pocket PC at the moment I cannot comment on how well that works. I have played this on my own PPC and it was a little slow but it does what it is supposed to do.

King Bounty

Yet another port this time of Kings Bounty. The game that started the Heroes of Might and Magic series. This port does not come with sound but has everything else in. The sound was added in the latest build but you will need to pay to get that one (which is wierd considdering the people who made this port have no rights to the game). Anyway you can still download the latest beta (0.7).

Pocket Humanity

The Pocket PC's very own Civilization clone. It is far from finished lacking most forms of opposition at the moment but other then that is seems playable.

Leo's Flight Simulator

A real flight Simulator for the Pocket PC. Not everyones cup of tea but if you would rather be soaring across the sky then being in your current meeting here is your chance. Also for smartphones.
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