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Originally posted by SV650S@Feb 18 2006, 08:15 AM
When new games are added to the site, are they posted anywhere other than in with all the other games, so that people know it's a newly added game?
The main site shows the NEWS! You can always see the lates 10 news items (and with rare exceptions - if there's some other news - those are the 10 latest games added). But this is only the case on the English/International site. If you use a different language you'll see the news that a certain language crew has put up (that would be the reviews they just translated).
Also the main site features the ARCHIVE, where you can see all the news posted from the begining on (again these are different depending on the language you choose).
If you wish to, you can also subscribe to Abandonia mailing list. Every time a new update is made, the message is sent to everybody who's on the list (currently around 1450 people).
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