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Thank you for reviewing my request. A few comments-

(1) "Freeware belongs on our sister site Abandonia Reloaded. This only goes for games that were freeware from the very beginning - formerly commercial titles re-released as freeware are welcome on both sites." This game was not freeware at the beginning. Per your guidelines, I understand this is standard Abandonware:
  • The game is not being sold from official sources.
  • I have been in contact with MGT, they do not object to sharing the game.
  • MGT no longer supports this game.

(2) The version on Abandonia Reloaded seems like an old version, and will not work, since it would have been integrated with MGT servers that no longer exist. The updated version has multiplayer scripts reworked so that this is no longer an issue.

(3) I get an error when trying to download the game from Abandonia Reloaded,

Can someone confirm that these comments have been received, and if Abandonia plans to do anything further? If Abandonia doesn't plan to do anything further, can I post about the game, and include the link to the working version, in the "Game Discussion", "Gaming Zone", and "Your Reviews" forums?

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