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Originally Posted by Frodo View Post
Gruntz got approved a few days ago, so I made review for it.

I also have the game archive - 270 MB.

Who do I send it all to?
Hey Frodo,

If you want... I'll check out your game. I'm always in the mood to try out something new from time to time. The only problem is you'll need a server to host your 270mb file. If you put up a link then everyone can download it. Depending on the server it could be limited to how many people can download etc.

If you want to see it in the ISO cellar since it is an official game I can upload it in pieces. The only problem is it is going to be in 300 pieces since I have to break it down for direct downloading. But it should hold. Lucky for me my LodeRunner Imitation is just 1 piece if you use DOS. Otherwise Windows takes up at least 3 pieces. But 270mb for Gruntz is going to be 300 pieces. It is going to be some work for me but I'll do it for ya. No strings. I know others will appreciate it too. People just don't talk these days for fear of being put down and all. Just private message me if need be and I'll take care of uploading it into the ISO cellar.

I have bought WinRAR 3.93 so I can break it down easily that way. If you want to do it yourself you can buy WinRAR 3.93 for $29. That way you get me the middle man out of the way. hehe
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