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Data is the undisputed DOSbox master.

If you search for his name, you will see that he has included a DOSbox newbie guide as his signature.

But I will try to help you the best I can.

DOSbox is compatible with Soundblaster, so if you have that option... use it. Just remember to set the IRQ to 7.

As for the commands:

DOSbox opens in a window in the Z:\ prompt.
The first thing you do is:
Type: MOUNT C C:\
(There is no typing error, you must write the letter C twice).

You will then get a message saying that C:\ (Your harddisk) have been mounted.
So, go to that prompt by typing: C:

You will now be in the main directory of your harddisk (C:\).
Now you must locate the game.
(Use the Windows Explorer for this... notice all the subfolders that lead to the game you want to play).

Now you must open that folder in the DOSbox window. To do so you use the standard DOS command, cd (change directory).
For the first example above, the commands would be:
(You will then be moved to C:\GAMES\)
(You will now be where you want to be... C:\GAMES\SQ1\)

The only thing left to do now is to either run the game or install it. To do so, just type in the name of the file.

I hope this will help you.
Good luck.
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