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Default Phantasie III

I'm having trouble getting this game to save permanantly. There are some error messages which come up during loading (see below) and the game saves while the computer is running but not after a restart.

Using main.exe or ph.bat (usually 'main', i was just experimenting with 'ph') this message comes up first, after saying 'yes' to "playing of hard drive?":
"Disk Error! A save may have been attempted on a write protected disk. Make sure the right Phantasie disk is in drive A: and press a key"

Pressing a key starts the game, seemingly as normal but, as mentioned, the game wont make a permanent save.

So the question is, how do i get the game to think there is a writable disk or file in the Phantas3 directory?

I finished this game about 20 years ago(!) and i want to finish it again, dammit! I can't leave the computer on the whole time, even hybernating, as it'll probably start on it's own at some point.

edit: i'm wondering if there is a simple fix for this sort of game like adding a 'save folder' to the game folder or something?

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