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Wow, did you write that? That's great!

The beginning was a bit out of rhythym, but the rest fell into good rhyme...and a story to boot! A fine job, and i'm only impressed further because I can only write negative poetry...which brings me to:


Broken soul
Shattered mind
Thoughts too many,
All behind
Darkness rise
Happy fall
No hope will be left at all
Blood on ground
Blood in air
Far too many unaware

Ferret dark,
Badger bold,
Fox with too much hate to hold.
Hatred found,
Love’s been lost
Faith for star
Instead of cross.
Sword is glistening
In the rain
Mouse who ne’er will speak again
Many voices
All ‘round me
Cursing me
To drown in sea

Pounding blows
Struck in mind
Left too much suff’ring behind
Has come back
To drag me down
As I kill without a frown
Guilty pleasure
All for me
As I spill guts
For all to see.

Many outcasts
Camped out here
Trust and faith are never near
Food is stolen,
Teeth are gnashed,
Shivering slaves are starved and lashed.

Disregard for all round me
As I break the chain of good
I disregard the Lord’s angels
And carve pentagrams into wood
Loathing long, near and far
For gold, for beast, for the North Star
I cast myself off of the cliff,
Never doubting or holding back,
I clutch in hand my blood-soaked sword
As my world falls into black.

There ya go...
I did it for the lulz!
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