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here's one.

five people went across the dunes
of desert called Zaru.
One day they found a gem with runes
on it and priceless too.

One of them said "this gem is mine
I saw it first, see."
four dissagreed. the bottom line-
he lost his friends and knee.

Four people camped then for the night,
three of them were awake
they ploted up to morning light-
decided gem to take.

the other never knew their biz
he was still sleeping tight
when taking all their stuff (and his)
they went into the night

then two of them (girl and a boy-
the story is quite old)
just couldn't all of this enjoy
or so the story's told

she said that they could get house
and horse for all she knew,
she said "you get me all those things
or I am leaving you"

the man was never all that bad
he simply was in love
and he persuaded the third lad
well anyway, sort of.

this idily went on for days
until he broke his leg
the woman left him in the blaze
to fry just like an egg

but 1:1 was the final score
there was no point alas
for gem that seemed so fine before
was just a piece of glass
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