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Here goes another shot at the masses...I share my poetry every opportunity I get because I tend to get mostly positive reviews. Maybe my poems can find a home at Abandonia?

Below are my works, please leave an individual one for each you doesn't have to be long, but please give me the satisfaction of feedback...

*DISCLAIMER* These poems are all negative ones, don't expect to find any happiness here, and brace yourself for some violence. Furthermore, they may contain anti-religious views and ideas.*DISCLAMER
Why the "anti religious views and ideas"? Because it's who I am, and don't be mistaken, I don't believe in everything I write.

Lastly, the poems are written from the perspective of animals because I believe that deep down within ourselves we are indeed just a kind of animal. And because the poems are deeling with the animal inside the character, this view seems reasonable to me.


“Blood to give,
Let none live!
You will lose your life!”
These are general’s words
To cope with a soldier’s strife,
Cast into the wasteland
Paved by another’s greed
Here we have our weaponry
And screamed orders to heed.
I am one, and meaning none
In army vast and wide
If I fall, in midst of all
None are at my side.

The blood it splatters widely,
In course of painful screams
To common beast, to say the least
A war is still unseen.
And now I fight throughout the night,
With sword,
With tooth,
With claw,
Another’s blood drops off my face,
Onto a mangled paw.
Terror strikes within my mind
As fallen beasts lay on the ground
Never to be with again,
Never again to make a sound
And the shocking hits me,
Tightening like a lynch,
The fact that I kill brethren
Without even a flinch.
What I’ve been led into
I do not really know
As evil raises in my mind,
And anger starts to show.

I grasp my sword and cut and hack
Knowing nothing can turn me back,
As redness clouds my vision,
And excitement fills my mind,
I cross over the carcasses
That I have left behind.
My face is coated with the blood of many evil souls,
Dripping down into my mouth,
Burning my eyes like coals
The taste of it soaks into tongue,
Alas, control is gone
For now mental preparation
Shall not stay with me for long.

The primal rage of killer old,
Built within my natural mold
Shall stay with me,
Never to relinquish hold.
As thought dawns upon
My aching restless mind,
The war will never seem to stop
Never to be left behind.
Set upon by fiendish wounds
And now I quickly fall,
My blood-choked vomit stains the snow
As dying ends it all…

I am pressed for time now, and am only able to post this one. Keep in mind that it is not necessarily me as the main character in my poems!

Hope you liked it, if you did, review and i'll post more! k:
I did it for the lulz!
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