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-I was thinking about a Pentium 120 or 133, because of GTA for example.
Check. Definitely going to work. Even 100 mhz will do, 133 is so much better. Note though that you'll have to use slowdown software (like moslo) to run some older games (Robocop 3, Mechwarrior 1, about anything that uses vector graphics).
-Hopefully 16MB RAM should be enough
Check. 32 would be even better, but some games (Space Hulk is one I know for sure) screw up when given above 24.
-two HDs, both approx. 1GB
Check. I'd advise against full-size partitions though, for the sole reason that the cluster size would be pretty wasteful then.
-An SB 16 or Compaq esa1986 or whatever that thing is called (i had it in my first machine, and it sounded pretty good)
Check. I have some doubt about compatibility, though. Sound Blaster Pro 1 might be a bit better.

Roland MIDI card
Can you tell me something about that one? No idea why use one - is it better then MIDI device built into your Sound Blaster?

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