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Im using dos, i have divided the big harddrive up int 3 partitions:

Partition 1: 6gig with windows XP OS NTFS file system
Partition 2: 2gig formatted with FAT32, (this is the only partition that show up when i boot up with my dosbootdisk)
Partition 3: NTFS file system, backup of files ect.

When i boot up with my dos bootdisk Partition 2 is the only one showing up and get drive label c: So i only have this in dos:

Floppydrive A:
Partition 2: C:
CDrom drive: D:

Partition 2: Is also having all the files for cdrom, sound, mouse ect.
the only files on the bootdisk is the standart boot files, and then autoexec.bat and config.sys , so it boots up fast in dos.

Im not that old(26 years old) so i havent played older games than from approx 1992, so i havent had issues with games run too fast on this machine.
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