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Programming News:

Well after reading the first few chapters of Charles Petzold's first book "Programming Windows" I found that there are errors. The pirated Windows and Microsoft C and Microsoft Macro Assembler did not work properly. The funny thing is how God works in mysterious ways.

The reason I say God works in mysterious ways is my mother had bought me Borland tools specifically Borland C 5.5 and Borland Turbo Assembler 4.1 and Borland C plus plus 2.0. Using my officially legal softwares and substituting it for the recommended tools ended up working and I made a Windows software in conjunction with Charles Petzold's book. Thank you God for your mysterious divine intervention that I did not waste my mom's life away on books and softwares and all that does not work.

Anyways PingPong is the first Windows game that I made following reading Charles Petzold's first book with the addition of my programming background.

So this is for all those who have read my official review of Charles Petzold on eBay that you should use the above mentioned tools with Windows 8 and Windows XP.

Once again the breakdown of the prerequisite to Charles Petzold's "Programming Windows" 800+ page book (first book produced in 1988) [Yikes that is 30 years old!!!]. Goes to show old still can make Windows in Windows 8 and Windows XP and beyond probably with the following software if you buy the book:

Borland C plus plus 2.0 (includes 3000+ pages worth of books combined)
Borland C 5.5 (the 32bit c/c++ compiler for Windows)
Windows XP (with internet disabled because most prone to virus nightmares)
Windows 8 (tested to produce Windows game PingPong)

And last is Charles Petzold's book officially titled:

Programming Windows: The Microsoft Guide to Programming for the MS-DOS Presentation Manager: Windows 2.0 and Windows/386.

ISBN: 1-555615-100-4 on cloth
ISBN: 0-914845-91-8 on paper

Copyright 1988.

In conclusion: Anyone wishing to program Windows should obtain the above mentioned materials and you are all set to program Windows and DOS.
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