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Jesus Christ! Bless GOD, Jesus Christ, Mary, and The Holy Spirit# Then bless my real mom Huong Thi Vu. Honours to my real mom Huong Thi Vu and my real dad Nguyen Binh Thuy. Congratulations to my real two sisters Nguyen Khoa Thuyen and Nguyen Khoa Thi. I, Nguyen Khoa Tien, just reinstalled my Windows 8, DOSBox, VM Windows XP, etc. about within the last week. No worries. Just taking some preventive medicines. I figure it takes some time for viruses to be in so I figure I reinstall it on a regular basis while the system is operating. I am working on my studies like my parents want me to. I never graduated officially so I am always studying in my spare time. It is like I want to be able to program without a degree because it is too late for me. It is too hard for me to study 150 pages a day now for a 5 load course. When two courses at over 55+ pages a day is too much for me to take. Today I woke up and normally I feel fresh to study right in the morning when I wake up. However it was hard for me to get a page done. A page full of information at 12 pt size is a lot for me. I have to concentrate hard with all the drugs that is prescribed for me from diabetes to bipolar disorder!!! I am grateful to my family especially my mom who is around. She wakes up and all she expects from me is to keep the house clean and the yard neat. My mom says I am doing a good job however she just wants it a little more robotish. She likes the yard machine cut however I usually use the tool that mows the grass without gas in it. It is an actually grass cutting like a grass lawn mower except you have to use your legs to move it forward. However she is a perfectionist. She went and did the tidying herself. She says she's happy with my cutting because it saves her money. However once ever 3 months she likes to just do it herself. She leaves the hard work of using the big grass cutting machine without gas power to me and uses the trimmer that uses battery for 30 minutes. She says exercise is good for her age. I told her I already did everything earlier. She says she knows however she just wants to tidy things up.
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