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Default God, Jesus Christ, is number one!

Jesus Christ! Bless GOD, Jesus Christ, Mary, and The Holy Spirit# Then bless my real mom Huong Thi Vu. Honours to my real mom Huong Thi Vu and my real dad Nguyen Binh Thuy. Congratulations to my real two sisters Nguyen Khoa Thuyen and Nguyen Khoa Thi. I was just thinking Tseki is awefully quite lately. So is Arete.

I don't know why the forum is quiet. However I have an idea for issue 4. I have produced 50+ discs with the artwork of my LORD and savior and his mother. So I am willing to team up with Abandonia to include the contents on the discs. Just like TotalAnarchy says... a little goes a long way. A small group starts and big happens in the future.

Did you know my family went to America with absolutely nothing in 1975? We were helped by an American church and we started working from the ground up. Today we have our own business and home!

I was thinking of selling my PingPong game on my disc however I also found the content was lacking. My PingPong is under 1 megabyte total content while the disc holds 650 megabytes! So far it didn't sell too well. Actually I got zero sales so far from eBay and

So let me know what you people think. It costs me $1 to produce 1 disc with the artwork and a minimum of 100 discs. The most expensive part of the deal is taxes, and that goes for 35% and shipping is just equal to that. So if you are going to make it worth your while you need to sell at $10 to $12 per disc and that means you are only making a few bucks at the most!!!
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