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Originally posted by Guybrush@Aug 28 2004, 10:14 AM
What about "Star Trek - The Promethean Prophecy" from Simon & Schuster Interactive. The game was released in 1986 if I remember correctly. It was the very first PC game I ever purchased (in 1992). I remember staying up every night for weeks playing it on an old Zenith 286. There was another in the series called "The Kobayashi Alternative" but I never owned that one. I think Simon & Schuster are still around so I don't know if they'd release it or not; maybe I'll email them later and see if they respond. Oh, and this game is a text adventure. I don't know how many people here would even be interested in that genre. It was a lot of fun for me anyway.
Make a review and PM me when it's done. As long as you can supply the game archive as well we will put it on the site (It's abandoned).
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