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Default Im looking for a strategy game that i dont know its name!

hello guys i am searching a game nearly 9 year! And i dont found anything about it. I saw this site and i am decided to open a thread.

Game is strategy game and its language is german i forgot how to it but you can spawn some simple humanoid robots to collect credit on some electric towers and after receiving enough credits for a unit you can fight the your opponent . My childhood memory is little foggy but i can remember some units names they names like

helicopter:y1,y2,y3 like going on 1,2,3 this numbers their tiers or upgrades and they leveled up to liutenants like c&c red alert 2
bombardment unit:u2. this unit have long barrel and rotate this barrel to enemies before fire
Walking robots:t1,t2,t3 this units like Goliaths of Starcraft
and fast atv's but theyre using miniguns at first tier

and Teleporter this can teleport your units but i cant used it.

oh and i am played the game on Windows Xp

i hope someone knows this game's name. Thanks.
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