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Unhappy Jagged Alliance 1 on Windows XP?

Hi folks.

A few days ago, i've bought Jagged Alliance 1 from an used-games Shop in town.
I've tried to run the game multiple times directly on Windows XP with no result.
I've clicked the JA.exe, a window opens and closes within a few sceonds.

I know, i can run the game is dosbox (Dosbox was the only way to install it,too), but my pc is really old, so most of the ''newer'' games are unplayable 'cause they lagg like hell in Dosbox.

Is there any way to get the game working in XP itself? I've tried also the compatibility mode but with no success

I really want to play this play this game again

Before i forget, it's the german CD-Version and the salesman meant it's one of the first edition as well. (But i don't think it has do to something with that )

Hope someone can help me
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