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Hello all,

I remember playing Shadowcaster when it first came out.
There were a few things that I really loved about that game.

The ability to morph into different creatures (each with it's own special attacks and weakness) and the lack of cheat codes made this game really fun for me.
Most of the friends I have are cheat code fiends and I've always felt like using them robs the player of the true game experience.

The fact that (to the best of my knowledge) there were no cheat codes made the game really enjoyable as I had to figure how how to get past some parts of the game.

Plus Raven did a fantastic job on the visuals.

I still have this game on a CD but haven't played it in years.

I contacted Raven to ask if they planned on doing another installment (i.e. heretic2, hexen2) and they said there were no plans as the game was bomb.

I was just wondering if anyone else had played it and what their thoughts were.

Oh and Merry Christmas everyone - or whatever you're celebrating this time of year.
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