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Originally Posted by roarke View Post
Anyone knows what is up with Comodo and what SGATE.EXE is ?

It's main executable of Shadowgate, obviously. As it's DOS-game, it cannot be malware, by definition. False positive then.

(Only if it's not some "helpful" windows-pack, with DOSBox and everything, in one windows self-extracted package though - in this case it really can be malware masked under game hood).

Originally Posted by Mystvan View Post
Incidentally, Kaspersky recently labeled a totally legitimate program, kind of Software Update Checker, the defunct CNET Download App as something harmful and malicious. I needed to put it in the Exclusion List including Dropbox Cloud because of Smart Sync.
Well, I don't like Kaspersky for it's _enormous_ greed for resources, but here it could have it's reasons. Program that tries to connect some third-party site without user consent and download something, not directly related to this program? Highly suspicious! :P
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