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Too bad that IE, as well as Windows Phone, lack a lot of functionality and convenience.
I thought I had posted criticisms of Microsoft 2-Step Verification here in this post... Ugh... Apparently, I was wrong... *shrug* However, Microsoft 2-Step Verification remains really unreliable and very problematic.

At that time, 30 days after contacting Microsoft, I was fortunately able to regain control of my Outlook Account (E-mails, Calendar and Contacts! *phew* *whew*).

Currently, Microsoft has problems with 02-Step Verification because I am often asked to validate my Account login, even though I have selected to keep the Account always on / active.

If this is not enough, when you are prompted for permission to the Microsoft Authenticator, this request is often not processed.

So the other way to access the account would be through the password. Even if the Browser has saved / stored credentials, access also fails. Another problem!

So anyway, after a few attempts via Microsoft Authenticator, it finally asked about the access permission or the (credentials) access password worked! Otherwise, even so, I decided to type the address even if previous access attempts failed. And is not it amazing that I was able to access my Account?

Interestingly, Dropbox, in the early days of the its 02-Step Verification, took a long time (about 10 minutes! ) to send the Verification Code via SMS. Now the system is really fast and reliable!

I have compiled a list of Services that allow 02-Step Verification:


• Apple ID / iCloud;

• Gmail;


• Yahoo! Mail;

• Dropbox;


• Origin;

• Steam.
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