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Originally Posted by roarke View Post

Anyone knows what is up with Comodo and what SGATE.EXE is ?

I would only comment on the experience of an Intermediate User... I may be wrong, and in that case, correct me...

I believe it may be a false positive case as it has happened several times with me when I regularly used Trainers, Savegame Editors, Patches, No Disc Cracks, etc.

I am a Paid Customer on There is some very interesting information there.

You could submit that suspicious file at this link. In addition, you can scan it by using Virus Scan Online.

Now, my personal opinion is that although Comodo has an excellent reputation in Firewalls and Security Certificates, I am afraid their Anti-Virus technology is not at the same level and depth...

I could say the same as the Microsoft Anti-Virus. I would consider them as average Anti-Virus... so-so... Just like the defunct VirusBuster, which was incorporated by the also defunct, but excellent Agnitum...

Even the mighty Kaspersky had a false positive by notifying that mIRC and CyberScript could be malicious (in the past)! Now, I would not know if this keeps happening (KIS / KTS)...
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