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To avoid (and completely replace) Sugar, I usually use Sucralose and / or Stevia.

Sucralose has a more pleasant taste than Stevia, which tends to have a certain bitter taste... Products with Stevia will taste a bit bitter...

Unfortunately, I have already consumed Diet Desserts in which restaurants use alternative Dietary Sweeteners whose taste was far below their sugary counterparts...

And use moderately Honey and Sugar Cane Molasses, as they both have many vitamins and minerals, but they are highly caloric! However, I would avoid consuming Glucose-Fructose Syrup... It is a big no-no for me...

Unfortunately again, living a life without Sugar is more difficult since Dietary Products are often more expensive and less abundant than Sugary Products.

Well, at least in Brazil, where products are often overly Sweet and / or Salty, Healthy (Whole Grains), Dietary and Light Products should be a Priority Public Health issue and should be subsidized by governments.

Thus, they would avoid Obesity, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and other related Diseases. And they would avoid excessive spending on totally avoidable Health Treatments with these simple measures... But, we know that there are many hidden and powerful interests on the part of Industries (not just Food Industries)...

After all, Sugar and Salt can vitiate and disguise the poor taste of food. With less Sugar and Salt in food, certainly the Taste and Aroma should be preponderant and primordial! Is creativity lacking in this case?
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