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Talking Legendary and Mythological Magical Books!

Originally Posted by Smiling Spectre View Post
It's non-exist in the Internet.
Originally Posted by Smiling Spectre View Post
BTW, texts still can be acquired in the internet, if searched right. But it seems, most links was totally killed by google in this year. :|
Greetings from Poke-man, Bonk! Bonk! Grandmaster Spectreman.

I have a valuable suggestion to find relics, tomes and other sacred, valuable, legendary and mythological objects / artifacts... k: Whoops! I mean this!

Before that, I thought the existence of these books, which not even the majestic Elven Library in Middle-Earth has them, were myth, legend or rumor.

Norway! The reason? It is because you learn about them, you hear so much about legends and myths, but you never see them, either digitally or in person. Do they really exist?

My precious (Gollum! Gollum!) suggestion!

So please do not be really in spain, okay? Because hope is the last (thing) that dies!
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