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Originally Posted by Frodo View Post
Now this is really weird.

The links didn't give any answers (although I appreciate you trying, thankyou :thumbsup. The script error pop ups just kept coming.

Then it suddenly all just... stopped. Haven't had a pop up for 2 days now.

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Originally Posted by Japo View Post
Hi Frodo I don't know what that is/was. That error message isn't enough to diagnose.

Maybe some Windows update fixed IE, no idea. Otherwise if it comes back you can try resetting all of IE's options to their defaults, or else go trough some troubleshooting procedure from MS to re-install IE somehow.

But it was for sure related to JavaScript. Not Java, which is different (and you probably don't need it installed).
With all due respect, Mighty Emperor, I think uninstalling the browser IE is impractical as there may be updates that are common to the browser and some other softwares. The ideal would be to re-install the Operating System (Windows) and back up using Acronis True Image before and after each installation or upgrade. It is much better than using Windows System Restore with all its limitations.

Originally Posted by arete View Post
I get script errors in Firefox, but only from gmail. And sometimes from ublock. I just restart Firefox. But my Noscript addon blocks all scripts usually. I have to whitelist webpages that I trust.

You know what they say about IE? It's the web browser you use to download other web browsers.
Well, Mighty Iron Maiden, at least the IE has its utility to download its competitors.

It would be best if before uninstalling browsers, you download their latest versions / updates so that you avoid using Internet Explorer for any purpose.

Originally Posted by Frodo View Post
Japo, it was a really weird situation. Still don't know what caused it.

Arete, I'll never abandon my lovely IE!
It will always be the best way for Exploring the Internet.
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