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hey everyone.

i had exactly the problem the thread opener had. and i was able to fix it, thanks to lokii's post.

however, i modified the method he described slightly.

1st, i had to start up wizardry 1 (I'm using DosBox, btw). there, i went to the edge of town, utilities, move and moved my party. it doesn't make a lot of sense (or does it?), but it didn't work before i did this, so i list it as step 1.

2nd, i made a backup of my wiz1.dsk, copied it to a new folder and renamed it to wiz2.dsk.

3rd, i made a backup of the original (blank, if you will) wiz2.dsk that came with wizardry 2.

4th, i started up wizardry 2, went to edge, utilities, move, until the game asked me to put in the disk i wanted to move the characters from.

5th, i copied the backed-up wiz1.dsk (renamed to wiz2.dsk) into the wizardry 2 folder, replacing the file of the same name present there.

6th, back in the game, i hit enter. finally i saw my party from wizardry 1, marked them for copy, hit enter again.

7th, the game asked me to insert the disk to copy the characters to, so i copied the backed-up original wiz2.dsk to the wizardry 2 folder, once again replacing the existing file.

8th, in the game, hit enter and i saw my characters being imported.

9th, ignoring the prompt to re-insert the original disk, i simply closed the game window and restarted the game normally. my characters were finally available to play wizardry 2!

i know, it sounds really complicated, and it's quite possible that there's a much easier way to do this - but it worked for me.
hopefully this post will help others in the future, too.

long nights and pleasant nights to you,
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