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Originally Posted by zirkoni View Post
Yep, doesn't seem to work with the official builds but I tested v1.0 and it can be run at least on DOSBox-X and DOSBox SVN Daum.
Thanks a lot for the valuable info! Which version of Taewoong's build did you use so that it worked with SW v1.0? I have an old v0.71 from 2007 and a v0.74 from 2011, and it doesn't work with v0.71 for sure (can't remember if it's the same with Taewoong's v0.74).

Anyway, here's some more stuff that I've noticed (shots on the left are from v1.0, on the right from v1.2):
  • Once a heat seeker card is picked in v1.0, the missile launcher automatically switches into heat-seeking mode. In v1.2, you still need to manually switch it to heat seeking mode after picking the card. This turned out to depend on whether the missile launcher is the currently selected weapon when the card is picked, and is unrelated to the version number.
  • Version 1.2 added sprites for broken neon lamps, which are used in the first level of the shareware version:

    Another example is the seats at the train platform (v1.0/1.1 only has flickering lights):

    Interestingly enough, v1.2 does not seem to have any neon lamps that can actually be destroyed by the player, even though this feature was already present in Duke Nukem 3D. Some lamps were made destructible in v1.2 but others remains as they are in v1.0.
  • A much more noticeable change in the level layout can be found in level 3, where a niche that contains sticky bombs was moved from one side of the pool to the other:
  • The same level has a secret underwater area with a switch, which was moved from one wall to another:

    This change actually occurred in v1.1 already.
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