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Hallfiry at forums has found some other beta versions of the game:
Originally Posted by Hallfiry
And as always, Firy delivers:
(Mordor II)
Version 0.90b
This is the first release! You know what that means! I already have a 'fix' list put together for this version, but nothing on the list should really affect gameplay. Just think, the following versions will just be... BETTER!

Infinite Worlds 9935beta patch

Infinite Worlds 9935beta full setup

Seemingly a version .994 was planned, but never finished. so there should be no versions between 0.9935b and Demise.

This is now a list of all known versions:
0.90    - Mordor 2 - First release
0.991   - Mordor 2
0.992   - Mordor 2
0.992r2 - Demise - Unsure if legit
0.993   - Infinite Worlds
0.9935  - Infinite Worlds (Patch)
0.9935  - Infinite Worlds (Full)
1.00r1  - Demise
1.00r2  - Demise
I removed the b from the version numbers, since it only meant "beta".
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