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Default Good game

I had the NES version which I picked up in a store back '92. This game got alot of play over the years and is still one of my favourite games(NES version at least). I actually took time to compile the scrolls and books into a little document I call "The Shadowgate Library". I have the file on some cd and have a copy or two I printed from the computer. I can't say too much about this version, but I know that the NES version had excellent music, nice puzzles, alot of traps that I learned the hard way and some very nice poetry.

A Scroll(probably scroll 4 or 5) in the game was, let's see if I remember:
The light grows faint, the path winds round
Where life is lost, wisdom is found
The seed of the dream, for the evil is free
where the sword is hung, he must place the key
A bridge to from, amidst burning death
A demon to guard, 'Motari Riseth'
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