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Default [Bugamn] Star Control 3

I'm looking for a game that I played in the late 90's on I think a windows 98 computer. It ran on a pretty standard tower and hardware (I was young so I don't remember). The graphics were all 2D, however the alien interaction sequences were a mixture of a dialog menu, and a weird move of the alien that would play over again when you selected an option.

I remember when you pissed them off too bad you would have to fight them in their ship in a weird top down view. It was all 2D but If I remember you were bound to the square of space you were in when you fought. It was all missles I think and you would zip around trying to kill eachother.

There was another menu where you would have a star system view where you could click on planets (I don't remember what you could do but I think gathering some sort of resources were a part of it). You could also travel between systems, but had a limited amount of fuel I think.

I was quite young so I don't even remember what the sound was like so I'm sorry. I think if I remember there was a HAL 9000 type thing it as well. I'll try to provide more details if someone asks, or they prompt with some questions that help me remember some details.

Thanks in advance!
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