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Overkill - box scan (3.5") [OK]

B17 Flying Fortress - The Mighty Eight [PROTECTED] by Infogrames till 2015. It has nothing in common with the game on site, except the name, there's a 8-year difference between the two release dates.

Secret of the Silver Blades - manual + Clue Book [OK]

Pools of Darkness - manual + Clue Book [OK]

Centipede cd-rom version - game + manual [PROTECTED] by Atari till 2013

Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds (GT, Replay) - game + manual (well it's a bit large) [APPROVED] for ISO Cellar

The Last Dynasty (Sierra) - cd-rom version + manual [APPROVED] for ISO Cellar

FX Fighter (GTE) - cd-rom version + manual [APPROVED]

Wing Commander Academy - box shots + manual (3,5") [OK]

Wing Commander IV The Price of Freedom - cd-rom version + manual [PROTECTED] by Electronic Arts till 2011

Grand Theft Auto 1 - cd-rom version [SPECIAL] [REJECTED] Rockstar has it available for free on their site and doesn't allow it to be distributed by others through download.

The Dukes of Hazard: Racing For Home - cd-rom version [PROTECTED] by SouthPeak Interactive till 2015

Redneck Rampage I + II - manuals (sold at [REJECTED] As long as it is sold and we won't upload the game on the site, we don't have a place where to put these manuals.

Space Quest 4: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers - manual from cd-rom version [OK]

Flight Unlimited - cd-rom version [APPROVED] for ISO Cellar

Full Tilt! Pinball - cd-rom version + manual [APPROVED]

Since you're a new user, you probably don't know about the ISO Cellar. This is a separate forum section where we store game archives too large for the site (more than 150 MB). You'll have access to it after being more active on the forums. The games in the ISO Cellar are uploaded using a file-sharing site (like 4shared), the user sends the link to me, Paco or Lulu_Jane using a PM (when you'll have access you'll post the links in the Requests thread).

As for the files games (files) that have less than 150 MB, I'll send you a PM with info on how to acces the FTP and upload the stuff there. The manuals and other extras for games suited only for the ISO Cellar should not be uploaded on FTP (for now, at least).

Thank you for your contributions. I don't know the sizes of these games, so I assumed them. If a game that I tagged "Approved for ISO Cellar" has less than 150 MB, upload it on FTP; if it has more --> in ISO Cellar using a file-sharing site.
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