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Default Book of Demons

This is an excelent re-imagining of Diablo 1, and the production company has nothing to do with Blizzard the Greedy.

So, it's a clickfest by nature, though more casual, as the protagonist can only move around on fixed pathes - which Works well with the enemy difficulty.
So if you want a Diablo-clone (at least the first one, though this has good walk/run speed instead of the crawling of the original), I'df say, try it.

But here comes my problem.
In theory, this game is part of a 7 game series, which run under the umbrella-program (meaning you choose your actualy game from the main menu).
The pre-payed, bargain-price option is unfortunately restricted to Steam.
My question is: why? Other services don't deserve the same treatment? Other sites' customers don't deserve the same price, fair, chance, equal treatment? Why should I pay, considering inflation, 500$ for something others pay 140$?
Why is Steam so racist of a site?
Even worse, the description of the offer of the company does NOT say, the offer is Steam-exclusive, but "platforms, Steam is present on", eg. PC. So that's like a legal issue even.

So the thing ends up as a mixed bag And not for the fault of the game.
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