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Default Iratus: Lord of the Dead

I've noticed this game'll just get it's Diablo 2's expansion, meaning the True Ending is Behind Paywall.
At least it won't change the whole game to something unrecognisable for the fans of the original (like for Diablo 2 the "1.07 patch", or the patch for Fallout: Tactics etc. - this doesn't mean theye were bad patches, just that they were game-altering patches).

Now this game would be in need of a demo, so you don't have to pay full price in a crowded market. Because superficialy yes, there's the Evil Necromancer gimmick, but what are its distinguishing factors compared to other party-building, minion-managing games?


Well, as far as I can see, this is waaay better than Darkes Dungeon, the most famous in the genre today.

For DD I had a lot of management-problems, like everytrhing cost too much, the resources vary too much, minions can be made unfit to battle further by too many factors, units change place too frequently while they defiitely created taking a certain place (thus gets annihilated too easily), abilities are too stiuational - in general I've found the game too confusing and way too slow for my taste (or anyone sane in particular).

Iratus on the other hand handles this whole thing pretty well if you ask me.
Your team's most determining factor is not confusing place-swapping, buffing bullshit, but primaly wether you wanna do physical damage, or cause insanity (insanity kills people too, although less reliable to a minor degree, but it definitely a working solution).
I'm not sure though if insanity is the way to go, or not. At a random bubble it was implied, physical damage makes you harvest less body-parts, but this might not be true. (Yes, we'd need a manual.)

Aside that, yes, there are buildings to make, abilities to learn, and all the usual stuff.

My only question is though, what happens, if you loose a couple of times, or even once?
YOUR team can only suffer physical harm, so that's a good thing. The problem is obviously healing. You'll obviously carry around a primary, and a temporary team, and while one gets healed, the other continues.
But what happens if you loose a unit, or even a whole party? What if both parties get seriously injured?

DD had the solution to keep your ability and town progress, and just hire a new crew, and start at an earlier phase. Yes, it hurt, but you didn't loose the whole game because of the loss.
Here in Iratus you can't go back grinding. So I have no real idea what happens then.
If you have the answer, please fill me up. I'll ask around on other platforms too.
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