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Default Dark Quest 1&2

Ye, these are practicaly mobile-games. With that out of the way, let's look at them!

The 2nd is by the look a prequel, and got a handful of upgrades from the first, which was so simple, it lacked replay-value because of that. But it was also pretty nice, and handy, without bugs (after a while).

The second looks like a dumbed down version of Darkest Dungeon, who knows what Sanity does in this one, and as I couldn't figure out DD, I stick with DQ.
Unfortunately it has some features which doesn't work as intended, like:
- you can any time quit the dungeon, and re-play it without consequences, hoarding resources. how it SHOULD work is, the resources should not respawn.
- you should be able to re-play after conpletion any dungeons - with incrised difficulty. This doesn't work for the 1st dungeon.
- you should enter the new dungeon (even if it's the same - you know what I mean) with the HP you got out of the last one, unless you pay in the Tavern. Instead, you start fully healed every time.
- you can softlock yourself if you either loose in the first dungeon, or if you loose all your party in Hardcore. A proper Game Over screen would have been welcomed.
- the ingame texts are "not perfect" so to say.

That's pretty much all the problems of the game, aside that, they are pretty good combo if you ask me, especialyfor retro-gamers, for 50% discount (around 5$).
And I live in a poor country, where 30-60$ full price games are unimaginable aside the select few.

On GoG I made a handy guide, finished with DQ1, expanding on DQ2. I always get frustrated if I have to choose my party blindly.

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