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Smile Thank you Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ is the coup de grace that ended Westwood's obscurity from the unknown. However things can change depending on the generous review of Mrs. Lianne from Abandoned Times. Well I have many enemies because both my parents and sisters are good people; We are Jesus Christ loving people! So we are always in the open. However the darkside will always wait and prey for our blood. But anyways to pass the time I would like to thank LJ for a wonderful read. I've only managed to read from page 1 through 12 so far. However my mom always say save something for later. So I guess I will just have to wait since you are tired out. Wow I just wanted to read and read!!!!! Thank you LJ for your hard work# Between you and me it turned out fine for the first 12 pages. I haven't been able to get further so I can't comment. In my opinion you should include Karate in there 3 times per day. [j/k ]
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