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Total Annihilation:
lvl 16: Same as before, just initially you have very little metal, but canb uild plenty of geothermal. So you'll needa bunch of stuff to create metal, what means build a sufficient base.
Then build 3-4 adv. airport where you assemble the regular aircraft, what blasts through everything. Make them guard the commander, it makes them more controllable, less voulnerable, and sometimes the commander can blast stuff faster.

lvl 17: you don't have space and energy is insufficient, not to mention metal. So ASAP build solar plants, mines, and advanced airports (2, possible 3 at endgame). It is wise to have 3-5 missile tower too as though the enemy has not much in airforce, but it will send what it has at the beginning.
Forget you ship-armada, it won't work. The enemy has a regiment of warlords, that beats all what cann ot move away. Airplanes can. With a dozen+ plane you can win the entire scenario.
Beware though that you may not destroy the "Silencer" at the middle big island, nor I strongly suspect the atomic power plant.
Hint: the commander when under water is invulnerable. So guarding him is almost sure. But with all the targets around you'll have to hotkey and direct command your airforce!

18: stupid little scenario. Just press "select all unit" and horde the enemy.

19: not much. Lacking air-support and heavy tower-defense you only have to supply energy for the Commander, and occasionally build 3-5 missile tower against the very few planes.

20: a clean-up mission. There is no resistance, and you unfortunately don't need the salvage for anything. Just build 5-7 solar panel and hunt down the stuff. They don't even resist 90% of the time.

21: the enemy lacking air units and the terrain makes you able to immediately build a safe base. Don't bother with anything else than aircraft from units. Build at least 2 energy storer. Then when you have enough planes make them guard the commander and start to play hit&run tactics. The D-gun is just devastating.

22: a stupid mission. You need nothing else but aircraft to kill EVERYTHING on shore (don't worry, there is barely any opposition), THEN you even ahve to build a couple of torpedo launchers (plus maybe sonars) to destroy the submarines. DUMB.

23: build a base (again nothing but airport). Build a Fusion Reactor this time (advanced constructors can build it)! You'll have demand of energy for your troops. The Hawks (stealthy fighters) will clear the whole map for you, except - again - submarines. So when all is dead and silent, build a shipyard, then advanced shipyard, then 3-5 advanced submarines. Win.

24: not much. The AI is not playing hostile. Just build a base, nuclear plant ASAP, 3 adv. airport, hawks, and clear the area. Then bring (build a carrier for style bonus) the Commander to the center. That's it.

25: Strange, not what I remembered. Or maybe I mix it with the other campaign.
Anyway, the attack is not coming, so buil 10 solar panel, 10 metal mine, then 1fusion reactor, 2 moho mine (fun fact: "moho" on hungarian means someone who takes more than fair share) and for the end 4+ airport. Nothing surprising here therefor.
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