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I found my CD-key for Zax the alien hunter!

Imediatelly installed it, and it is as much fun as ever, though you probably don't know this excelent game.
It is a Diablo-clone with sci-fi storyline, pretty much bug-free, totally action-based, and the quests and storyline actually makes sense (unlike Diablo)!
Not to mention the ship's AI is totally like Mother from the first Alien movie: sexy, but totally insentient.

As this game could actually be a hugh competitor to Diablo 1-2, it was sentenced to forgetness, but not for me! I also realised I can not get information about basically the only one item totally optional in the game (a weapon), so I almost imediatelly restarted, this tie on Hard difficulty! Not that I expect any extra, but I'm perfectly skilled to beat Normal without any problem, so go all the way!

Here I'll note all item per mission just to make a guide (the game really don't require a walkthrough).

- Laser Welder: the starting weapon. Not much to say. Use anything else if you can. On Hard difficulty it is suggested to use this to open vases.
- shield 01: your basic shield
- battery 01: you basic energy-supplier for your weapons which use energy
- medic kit: a consumable what can be created by your ship. Don't make any if you don't have to.
- your ship is also capable to recharge either your weapon or your shield. Don't use this function unless you absolutely have to.

- you'll find 2 korbo artefact to reactivate the ship's medical station, which function is absolutely free (so use it whenever you have the chance)
- Light Pistol: this oneshots the basic opponents finaly.

- Plasma Thrower: your first weapon where you have to pre-make the ammo (so no recharge on field). It is good when you have to aim on one thing in the middle of a large crowd. Too bad it can not be reacharged from energy-bulbs.

- Semi Auto Weapon: the second weapon what uses ammo. It is fast, and has larger impact on single target then the Plasma Thrower, but it can't hit a line of enemy unlike that. The ammo can be found on the field (from red flying robots), so it is suggested not producing any ammo for it unless you absolutely have to. Again good if you want to blow up a transporter's control panel.
- During M5 there is a very hard fight against Azah-Pan. If you play on easy/normal you basic weaponry should be enough to win, but on Hard I needed 2 canister for the Plasma Thrower to disable the last pod before the room's entrance, and 3 more canister plus 2 medic kit to beat Azah Pan and its crew (not to mention several tires).

- Alien Electric Weapon: an autoaiming weaponry with limited range. You won't miss this as this is a quest item (what will be destroyed when used for that purpose)

- shield 02: while the first version only provided 75 shield, this gives 200. Cool.
- twin disruptor: this deals at best only slightly more damage then the previous weapon, but at a much faster rate. I dvise you to skip it unless you play on hard, 'cause it is harder to control energy-efficiency.

- autogun medium: an unmoving support weapon what you can place anywhere, then later pick it up. It is slow, it is vulnerable, so I suggest avoiding it anytime, unless you have a very-very good reason to use it, and plenty of resource to make these.

-granade launcher: it uses granades as ammo, what can be taken from several enemies, starting with the yellow spiderlike robots. Very self-endangreing, so I suggest you to skip it unless you play on hard mode, where of course you'll need every single type of equipment sooner or later it seems.

- I found the official secret areas! Two areas connected each other, their names called official "Secret ..." (won't tell the exact names)
- impact cannon: the coolest weapon until now. It don't eats all your energies, it has sufficient firepower AND it launches energy on a rapid scale! Perfect design.

As now comes the "interesting" part, I'll start a new post for size-sake.
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