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Aliens busted
A sadly very short flash game, where you have to push down the road enemy cars. It resembles a lot to a C64 game of mine where you got scored for distance reached, maximum speed and passangers hit (that was probably a negative score, but you know the average player. Also policemens did not worth any point as passanger...).

Visitor: Massacre at Camp Happy
This is a horror-genre flash game. The idea behind it is to play through a B-horror movie with the alien flesh-eating beast devouring everything in sight.
While the idea is nice, but the human victims (the goal of each level) are too random to believe the storyboard, what really hurts the experience, and after 2-3 levels makes the game feel repetitive.

The Visitor Return
This is the sequel to the previously mentioned game, and a much better development is you ask me!
Here you play with the same type of alien, but the whole thing is more compound. For a start there is no roaming around, you just have to solve the puzzles on the same screen, each act changing the environment. And during that you grow, and grow.
The puzzles are not easy but doable, and the sights are really gorey, what is definitely an advantage. If you have 5-10 minutes to spare, really worth to check this out!

Red Code Origins
This is a surprisingly well-made survival shooter, I think based on Starship Troopers. It autosaves at each stages, and it don't suffers from "you made it wrong, you die", and neither the even worse "no matter what you do you'll die" designs. Even the lame ending don't ruin your experience with this.
Countless enemies, mindless shooting, and some real time strategy. Thumbs up!
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