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Meh, after reinstalling the whole system I sorted out what to play with and what not to. Here is what remained (anything else got removed):
- Baldies (I won't give up trying to pass the Pharao Mask level, even if my life depends on it!)
- Fallout 2
- sam&max hit the road (I just want to pass this once more, it was so long ago)
- discworld 1 (I found the - I think - old HotU version what works with ScummVM, has sounds and speech and everything. Current HotU no longer has this, so if Abandonia would like it...)
- g.o.l.e.m. (Ill pass this with all three races/difficulties no doubt)
- Diablo 2 (to have a stupid action game)
- Gorky 17 is still to be reinstalled (I don't now where I've put the disc, it is somewhere in my room though)
- hunted, the demon forge (not reinstalled yet, but I want it. Not sure how much will I play with this, but there it is)
- Siege of Avalon (still waiting to be reinstalled, would be good to know if I have Chapter 6 to work, or still not able)
- Baldur's Gate 2 (I still have to check if I could replace my old savegames, working on poverty run)
- TerraFire (ancient game which for today went shareware status. Managed to have the full version with sound! It is really a cool game)
Heroes of Might and Magic IV is pending
There are some not tell their titles of adult games (eg. DiviDead) to run at least once (i got those five games once, never got to play them though).
Having trouble reinstalling Fallout Tactics. After the patch some "missing file" stupidity comes up, what is nonsense and not happened before. Any suggestion for that would be welcomed.
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