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Commando 2
Inspired maybe by TA's words in the chatbox, although he sure not referred on the flashgame
It is a "go from left to right and shoot down things to reach the end of the level" game with some platform-jumping parts.
I found it cool in graphic, the weapon-arsenal and everything, although I disagree with the names of difficulty.
I'd call "easy" to "normal" (especialyy the second half) with a rather hard boss at the end.
"Normal" is "hard", and I confess I can't pass mission 2 of this difficulty. But it is definitly a fun game with clever design.

Sonny 2
Managed to unlock all achievemnts!
For "All Star" I had to win another battle after defeating the Major the third time. I was soo worried it is not included in the offline version, ad soo relieved when it popped up!
For the Legend acheivement I used the Cold Hydraulic build, and for Zone 6-7 the Psychological build.
For this time on the old favourite of mine strenght-poison biological felt sooo lacking in caomparsion...
For Zone 6-7 I grabbed the Psycho as it has the infamous "Shock Coma" combo, what is an instantkill strategy where you overheal the enemy. The combo is basically: high voltage, high voltage, shock coma, shock coma, high voltage, retrorgade. As passive you also need Overdrive. this causes 120% healing what with the last move you revers to damage. To ease your way you may start the combo Traumatizing the opponent to gain a free turn. It is important you get healed (bring Veradux + Roald), and not get hurt by the opponent (so wear vitality-equipment, the 75 vitality armor is a nice start). Also might want to invest a little into speed as High Voltage is not autohit
Anyway this makes things joke-easy with the exception of the Twin Guardians, where you again have to respec. But you'll have plenty of coin at this point, so oh well. Reaching lvl 30 is also very easy, as the game is generous with exp when you do train fights in Zone 6.
Against the Twin Guardian you must cause as many stuns as you can (well, at least on the bottom guardian), and that's all (just anote: take a look on Confinment to get more of the idea).

I'm very glad I completed this game. Hope the 3rd installment of the series will come out sooner then later.
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