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Originally Posted by Capo View Post
Since you play a lot of oldies why dont make some recordings for Abandonia ?
You mean those video-playthroughs?

Mainly because I never knew how.

Also I'm a slow palyer who praises S&L.

Lastly comments like "I shoot down those civilians because they'd get in my line of fire otherwise" (for Postal on Mazochist Difficulty you really start to think that way) would sound trange...

Not to mention if I'd upload anything but some basic comment on eg. the Revenge on Trilogy (School, Police and Army) I'd most certainly violate Abandonia's "under 18" policy.

Although the Renge on... games are really something to catch on. Too bad it wa never translated to english from hungarian, but I could make a surgery there the data-files are written in .txt format, lol
They look like the "Spellcasting" series with CGA graphic and basic "choose action" interface...
But as they are about mindless violence, violent sex and some bad jokes - no matter who clever (but basic) the adventure-puzzles in 'em, they are STRICTLY for MATURE audience (although let's be honest: these games work best for 16 year olds).

...on School is fast and excelent (for its goal). If you can suffer dying a few times you'll reach the end.
...on Police concentrates more on violence and less on intercourse. The inventory-system can cause unvolunteered restarts, and the final puzzle is really hard.
...on Army has almost no sex, and violence isn't that personal anymore (aka. you can't kill everyone). The story is on a much larger scale, and the puzzles start to reach frustration-level. But it actually started to grow from "going Postal" thing to real adventure platform (although of course not at all a politically correct one).
Sadly the series got terminated during the very beggining of developement of a fourth episode. Still it is a wildly known and preserved trilogy amongst hungarian gamers, what don't get old by the progress of computer-industry.

PS: Capo, if you tell me how, I will consider your idea.
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