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Originally Posted by yoga View Post
Good for You, dear twillight!

Your total games?

Greets from yoga.
No idea of total games yoga. probably with all tried at least 500.

Necronomicon (full detailed walkthrough with reasons!)

You hear a knock on your front door. It is Edgar Witcherly. After a disturbing cutscreen he leaves.
As you go back to your room another knock is heared. This time it is Robert Eagleton asking you to pay a visit to your friend visiting just a short while ago, because he acts strange.

For this we have to go to the town. As we are a minor aristocrat thus living further from town we have to ride our motorcycle. That means get your keys. Also some spare coins will serve too.

In the town everyone is... avoiding you. If you've read the newspaper you might see some reason, or maybe Edgar is really acting weirdo. Finaly some old woman leads you to the grocery, what opens the same time. The gorcerer isn't helpful at start, so let's enter the row of his customers and buy a boksz of matchbox. Still not convincing enugh (or he's mere greedy), so let's buy a map too. Now we can at least fast-travel.

He lives in an unconvincing place. Sadly Edgar is not at home. We don't get any more information, so let's visit his father isntead (the opposite way to the town, strange we know the location of the father, but not the son). From him we hear two more person: Gregor Hershow and dr. Owens. One shady person from the past, one from the present.

Let's visit or mimir, the grocery shop's owner. For some coin he directs us to some shady fisherman to hear more about Hershaw. Why we want to know about him? Well, to have some understanding of Edgar of course, as that is one of his obsessions.
The ship-owner informs us he was a prominent person, so let's check the local news' archive.

From the news we get confirmed the Gregor was a prominent person, but the same time we hear fires and missing people.
Also amongst the current news we find report of graverobber. Hm, might something to do with Edgar's archeology-research? Nah, this is current day news. Still...
Anyway, back to the fisherman, who comfirms Hershaw was a shady person and leads to a new contact.

Who of course wves us away. Buy some booze to him and return. It will be a good sailor-tale, but all we get is mumies, and another tall-teller.
During waiting the new man to talk let's try again Edgar – and he's home. Acts... suspicious. Consult Mr. Eagleton, who says Edgar is into … mystical if not occult buisness, even visiting the cemetry.

Also don't forget Mr. Witcherly. Seems Edgar was really into Mr. Hershaw, and kept documents in his room. Let's check those out. Not as much as we hoped, but better then nothing.
At least we can talk with our last contact. Now HE is finaly useful, although looks just as batshit crazy as Edgar acts. But now we start to make connections.

Comes a not really obvious move: go to Edgar's place, and unlock the front door with the new found key.
Here you find the „undeciferible letter” (now we can telll have an official clue, lol), and some paper indicating someone is trying to rise the dead, and even traficating the Elder Ones.
When we try to leave we realise something is without question not well with Edgar, how lucky we know a psychiatrist.
Loot the house, then conspirate some with our guider, just to go and loot the bungalo too.

We arrived to the first puzzle. Let's solve it!
We have 3 discs to roll. One has names and symbols of angels, and we have a book to recognise those symbols and match them to days of the week. We have a letter mentioning a ritual, what must be done when „the Saturn is in trine”. We have a calendar on a trigone is sined, so we'll need Saturday.
The other two rolls have also 7 symbols, so they must also sign the days of the weeks, problem is, how to connect them to Saturday.
If we take a look on the big chart on the wall of the lobby we'll find the pictures of the angels on it too. Under each of them has a symbol. The Angel of Death has a scythe, and under it we have the second sign we need for the treshold. (Don't ask me to match all the smybols of the chart and the code-plate, as I can't though. Fortunatelly the sign we're looking for do matches.)
The third symbol we'll see on the drawning upside down. Behind the cupboard we found a key and an ornated thingy. The thingy has the third symbol.

Descend. When you light the last light you're out of matches. You pull a lever, and you're entrapped. Congratulation, you've reached Disc 2!

Your inventory is emptied, so get the lighter from the dask in the room. Go out and make some light – now you have a lantern. Time to desecrate a corpse, a book and an altar. Beware, that going to the altar to grab the axe is timed (the torch goes out after a few seconds)!
Bash the chest to have a replacement-lantern and the key to the cabinet. There is a book upstairs just as we're breaking privacy.

Congratulation you've reached the Lab. Obvious what to do (light up), less obvious how. Go to the furnace and put in coal as many you can. Click above the furnace (after you closed the grid) and fiddle the levers and the wheel until you succeed (we're not mechanics). Then return to where you came in, find a wheel to run, also look for a fuse-box (it is pixelhunt, as from the darkness you see squat).
Next thing: loot the place! You'll find a syrenge, a key (with an codeplate we're familiar with) and some caol-tabletts.
Here is the frustrating part: you can have only 1 herbs, so investigate further. There is a … talking machine what requests fluid. There is a row of containers and a mixing tank on the other side. There is really no clue to the solution of this, but I ease your work: don't bother the upper row of chemicals, they won't help you.
Injecting the fluid to the brain will give it power to talk. Listen the dialogues. It'll tell Edgard is posessed, and tell you who you'll have to summon up: Eliphas Lévi. Prepare yourself.

The treshold's code will be based on Eliphas Levi. Don't let the markings mislead you to Victor Hugo! So he is a Mars-spirit. According to the description of Spirits of the day he is of Tuesday, and thus Samuel.
The second symbol was on the chart on the wall up in the bungalo.
The third symbol is the astrological symbol of Mars (you can use the internet for this).
Welcome to the Jar Room. Remember who we want to summon. Find the monogram.
Entering the summoning chamber is no problem. Open the drawer, put things in the circle, put the coal and the incense on the pillar, then burn everything.
Next thing to do is grabbing a key what strangely saves us from the police and fullfills the final death requirement of … But I let Levi tell what.

As we have nothing better to do go loot Edgar's house again. It has a new area too.
Then we're in the library. Search the sections mentioned. There'll be a book mentioned „too horrendous”, now that's in the enclosed section.
Mapping the location of the Gate will be equally easy.
For the ancient building use the pyramid you got at the very beggining as map. Your goal is to open the big chasm.
Your goal is to go down. There will be 3 marks of the way. The first is a platform with hieroglyphas: follow the arrow. The second is some „stairs” although ard to tell what it actually is. The third is the end mark: green room with a pedestal. Push hte pedastal, and push all buttons in the same coloumn. This opens a grid. Enter that way, and push the big button, then start to run through the doors matching your set. When you reach through another door will be open what leads to a cutscreen what seems again from a previous version of the storyline.
The big building is actually pathetic, although I'd piss myself if it'd be real.
When in the final labyrinth the rule is: always push the left button.
Foir the final seal either just click on the buttons as fast as possible until you find the right combination, or push this order: 2-3-5-4-2-6-4-7-2-1, or stay there trying to decyphere the otherwise cool puzzle and die by the „bad ending” what is the better made one!
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