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Default Psionics

Hello fellow abandonware lovers,

I would like to take a moment of your time and see if anyone can remember this game I have in mind...

As the thread title suggests it is a turn based sci-fi DOS. Here's what else I can remember about it:

It was very dark (atsmospherically and graphically), set in a spaceship or space station... You start either at the lowest or the highest deck level and need to go all the way up or down. I might be wrong but the game had 9 or 10 of these levels. Each level was significantly harder but there was loot, weapons... At the first level you basically battle against rats. Giant rats or mutated rats or both, I don't remember. Either I was bad at that game or it was really hard at the start because you started almost naked and the mentioned rats sometimes ate you swiftly.
I also remember the death screen a bit. It showed a skull (I think) and said something like "ALAS YOU HAVE PERISHED RADDARADDA".

Hope this will be enough and someone will help me remember it I'm really eager to beat this game because I'm still angry and provoked by that death screen...
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