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Default Thank you Jesus Christ!

Originally Posted by Scatty View Post
There have been many people interesting, different, spamming, funny, entertaining and curious throughout the history of Abandonia I've participated in (which is lots of years, even quite a few before this second account had to become my main one), many of them evicted or banned for one or another reason (or no good reason at all) but never as scary as the currently banned Mister Bible.
Having said that, maybe it's the best Abandonia deserves after banning so many people who, at least in my opinion, were doing nothing more than trying to have some fun on this forum, and contributing to it's entertainment factor, and were often punished rather harshly for that, by the ancient powers that have been and quit ever since.

Also hats off for Japo, Smiling Spectre and Frodo, for still remaining active and trying to keep order here with most every other, former regular, member being gone by now.
It is funny that you picked up on that. I was in a good mood and trying to liven the place up. I can't believe you picked up on that fact that I was trying to entertain the people the best I could.
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