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XPmode is kinda flawed to play games in.
If you're all for virtual go for VPC2007.

BUT: Death gate is a dosgame.
Runs fine in dosbox 0.74.
You will be much better with dosbox, believe me.

There is a Win7 tuto for dosbox in tutorial section.
You should end up with:

your inputs in dosbox to be able to run the game:

mount d x:\........\oldgames\
cd dgate

Yes, mount as D , it's not a typo.
Game is ready to run in dosbox, no setup nor install needed.

Whoops ... overlooked this,sorry :
Originally Posted by brianr71 View Post
I recently re-acquired this game, after nearly 20 yrs of not having it......
Now, if you have the original CD:
Best create a CD image (modern CDdrives aren't really suited to run those older games, too much spinup/downs/heat...etcetera... blah blah....)
Use the normal mount ( C in stead of D)
Mount the CD image as D in dosbox (use imgmount)
Install game normally from D on C in dosbox.

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