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Originally Posted by yoga View Post
Probably You play day and night non stop?
I play years and years with sometimes months of breakes, or playing only 1 game exclosively for several monthes.

For example I had an ATARI what had maybe 6 games (PacMan, Tennis, one very difficult what I think Abandonia has, Space Invaders, and probably 1-2 more).
For Comodore64 the starter pack (2 disk) had like 120 games, and games were exchanged between users like no tomorrow (they were extremly cheap, and basically no copy protection existed).
For PC demos were a hugh source of gaming-experience, though I don't count these as "games". Still, if I'd count the games I currently own, then number would be between 30-50 (I might count it some day).
Then came the age of Flash Games, most of those last 5 minutes per playthrough?
Then don't forget freeware, shareware and abandoned stuff.

EDIT: Currently trying a playthrough of Gorky 17. The trick is, I try to do it without EVER getting hurt. Fortunatelly I have a proto-version for this (made years ago), but still having hard times. It still will be upgradable, especially as stun should be tried on Grandma... Where I used a napalm-shot instead rifle shot unfortunatelly... Oh well, hope I'll pass anyway.
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