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Smash Franzy 4

Again a blockout game.
It looks very nice.

Well, as long as you ntice only the skin changes between levels. everyone should know a blockout game is about arranging the blocks!

Also if according to the backgroundstory (given in a docu before the very first level) we are aginst the alien, then why I'm battling pygims and ninjas?

From the all-hundred (so much not even fun) levels I found only 1 notable, where ninjas jumped on you from the upper floor when you destroyed the ground objects.

another disapointment.

For this game you can choose a wild variate of languages.
The story seems also appealing: you are a police-negotiator who wlks in a cult-hostage situation. The militarised cult has the usual toxins, brainwashed members etc., while you only have your negotiation-skill (noone shall be harmed if possible).

The game is a like something made by RPGMaker 2000 or something.

Too bad the movement is too fast.
You loose life for no appearent reason.
You don't really have a clue what to do (I was sent to a guy who I could not find, was sent for an envelope I don't know where to look for, pushed(?) buttons(?) just because they were there).
And the program seems awfully glitchy as it many times freezed. Actually it just lost the controlls, and I had to use the windows-toolbar to click on it again on what it said "Cult is already running", then the controlls got reactivated.

So good idea, bad design. Oh well.
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