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Thx for the admins for the change of title.

Here are two titles to mention from this ocassion:

A nice upgrade of blockout games as you have to distroy a picture (the game is 16+ or something) instead the usual blocks.
It works with mouse, thus the speed was incrised, what isn't that good if you ask me, and it only have 1 picture (with 2 levels and 2 difficulty).

Cartman's Authoriath:
Yes, you play the fat boy from South Park.
This is an excelent "let's spend 5 minutes" game from the platform genre.
It is fast-paced, but not timed, so you can "oh my god, they killed Kenny!"

Feels a little short with only 8 levels, but just give yourself some goal (like only use the SMG, or use always the highest weapon, or the hardest from my favourites: only use weapons with no ammo), and it will give you good replay value.
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