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Originally Posted by Smiling Spectre View Post

Did I say anything about "purism" or "right" way to play? Come on, stop demonizing me.

As I said, there are some badly thought out games (very often in 80s, actually) when it's hardcore for sake of hardcore. Like aforementioned Dizzy, where you supposed to solve tons of puzzles having one-five lives. _I_ see no any incentive to have such limited lives, so I see nothing against hacking such game.

Or, say, Arcanoid game, where your progress is limited with balls.

Another sort of cheat is adventure game with walkthru. Where you are completely lost, if you cannot solve certain puzzle. I see nothing bad to circumvent it.

But I am speaking about games _built_ around some sort of gameplay. Like, killing monsters in Doom, building characters in X-Com, or gaining experience in Elite. Game is _built_ over this gameplay, and skipping it you essentially skip the game. So my question is - why? I am emphase it: not statement "you do wrong", but question "why do you do it?" I am simply curious.
Well, I know that.

That is why I mentioned Players / Gamers in Plural. I did not want to demonize you... It is because I am very sensitive on this matter... And I feel like a lot of Gamers / Players see it as something reprehensible.... Well, at least that would be my impression... Perhaps I may be completely mistaken... After all, I do not research the opinion (poll) of Gamers / Players about using Cheats...

I can express my reasons and also other reasons why many Gamers / Players have used Cheats (at least from my point of view):

• Doing something repetitive such as raising your Character Level or Skills can be very boring! I like to do Aerobic Physical Exercises (Running, Jogging, Spinning), because they relax me and cause euphoria or happiness. On the other hand, Anaerobic Physical Exercises seem so boring... *yawn* Johnny Bravo!?
• Unfortunately, many adult people do not have a lot of free time to play games. And while playing games in the rare moments of their free time to do something repetitive such as raising their Character Level and / or Skills would be very discouraging, right? Imagine me practicing Physical Exercise at the Gym (Fitness Club) without TV, Music! The Environment would be certainly very barren, arid and dull there!
• Perhaps many adult people may be interested only in one or more Aspects of the game, but not necessarily the Whole game. I like Story, Characters, Music, Moments of Action, Cut-Scenes, etc., but I dislike Scenes of Pursuit, Escape, Driving Vehicles, Scenes in which there is “Timer”, etc. in which any mistake could ruin everything! Retry? I can enjoy just Part of a Movie and skip some Scenes, right?
• I personally just want to have fun, without too many Complications, Stress, Adrenaline when I want to play games during my Moments of Recreation. Complications, Stress, Adrenaline, etc., all those I leave them to real life in our Daily Responsibilities as People, Employees, Family, Citizens, etc. Now, playing games during the Moments of Leisure, I want to be really free without any complications. After all, our life as an adult is already complicated. Why bring more complications in our Recreation Moments? I leave it to the Professional Gamers (there are many on YouTube and Tournaments!) who live and make money playing games, but that is certainly not for me.
• Etc.
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