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Originally Posted by Mystvan View Post

I will make some corrections or updates to what you wrote about me. Yes, I do not want to retry several times in the game.

I am a Collector in the case of PC games. Regarding Console games such as PS3 and PS4, I am an occasional Player in which I can play alone and / or in pairs with my brother. In that case, I still play games for PS3 and PS4, but I am Collector in PC games.

Now, regarding what you wrote about using Cheats in games... I understand your point of view. Yes, that would be a thought or mentality of a Purist Player: orthodox, dogmatic and without using any Cheats. Well, it is a very personal choice, option. And there are many Players who certainly share this “philosophy” of Purist Gamer...

On the other hand, there are also Casual Gamers who are not willing to waste a lot of time with some game features (or phases): heterodox, pragmatic, practical and can use any kind of Cheats. As there is demand for this type of Player, / Gamer there are Companies and Programmers who are willing to develop the Tools of Cheats.

There are Players who are attracted not by the gameplay, but by the story, side quests, etc. and not necessarily by the action scenes, challenges, difficulties, etc...

In relation to the Castle, I also understand your point of view, but there are less Purist opinions...


• There are very comfortable European Castles, true hotels, where the Past coexists harmoniously with Technology with all Comfort and Luxury;
• There are Luxury Lodges in African Safaris where there are Nature, Animals, Luxury and Comfort. Nothing of Bonfire, the hard floor as Bed and nor the stone like Pillow;
• There are Native American Tents where Traditions, Luxury and Comfort coexist;
• The Purist Motorsport Fans should dislike BMW with front-wheel drive;
• The Purist Motorsport Fans must dislike Super Sports Cars like Tesla in which there are none of the powerful Engine Noise. All for the sake of Nature...

The above examples may sound pure heresy to the Purists... However, Companies and People are being pragmatic and taking advantage of opportunities in the Market for Goods and Services... Business is Business. $$$$$

All this occurs because there are many diversity of tastes, opinions, choices so that there is Supply of Goods and Services for the respective Demand for Goods and Services. This is the Economic and Productive reality of our World... Business is Business. $$$$$

Money Rules the World! $$$$$

Well, it is just my personal opinion...
I will give more examples of how things evolve in an “unexpected” way of their purpose or origin:

• Beirut - a type of Sandwich created by Syrian-Lebanese immigrants here in Brazil. There is the version in which the Pork (Ham!) - a real sacrilege for the Arabs!
• Curry, a delicacy of Indian Cuisine origin, in which there are versions with Beef Pieces - a true sacrilege for Hinduism followers! I’ve tasted an “authentic” Indian Curry;
• Esfiha, a delicacy of Arabic origin, in which there are versions of Sweet Esfihas and what is incredible, a Salty Esfiha with Pork (Calabresa) - a true sacrilege for the Arabs! I have tasted an “authentic” Arab Esfiha;
• Hamburger, German-origin and popularized Cuisine by the Americans, with versions of Hamburger with Vegetable “Meat” - an affront to the Meat-loving Purists;
• Hot Dog, a German-origin and popularized Cuisine by the Americans, in which there are versions of Hot Dog with Vegetable “Sausage”, Peru Sausage, Chicken Sausage - an affront to the Meat-loving Purists. I have tasted an “authentic” American Hot Dog;
• Panettone, a delicacy of Italian Cuisine origin, in which there are versions of Salty Panettone (!!!) with Stuffed Meat or Cheese and Stuffed Panettone with Truffle - true affronts for the Lovers of Traditions of Italian Cuisine;
• Pizza, an Italian Culinary Delicacy, in which there are versions of Sweet Pizza without Tomato Sauce, Vegetarian Pizza with Vegetable “Cheese” without the Dairy Cheese - true affronts for the Lovers of Traditions of Italian Cuisine. I have tasted an “authentic” Italian Pizza;
• Meat Skewers in which there are versions of Vegetable “Meat” Skewers (Soy, Gluten, etc.) - an affront to the Purist-lovers of Meat;
Non-Original Modifications of Super Sports Cars for a variety of purposes;
Non-Original Modifications of Game Characters such as Mods;
Paralympic Games;
• Etc.

I will give my personal opinion that many Members may disagree with me. I believe that Modifications may be “Legitimate”, “Harmless” as long as they do not harm Others such as Developers (Piracy, Counterfeits, etc.), Opponents in Online Games (Competitions, Tournaments, etc.), Sports Competitions and other Modalities. Equal conditions are required for all in these cases without exception so that there are no inequalities and injustices.

However, if the purpose of such “Undue”, “Non-Original” Modifications are not offensive, harmful, etc. to Others, for example, the use of Cheats by a Player is against the Computer and not against an Opponent Gamer, I do not see any problem in this case. The purpose of this would be merely personal fun without further negative consequences for Others. It would be something “Amoral” and not “Immoral”.

I apologize if I am rambling or philosophizing too much on this subject. And, please, I have no intention of offending anyone with my arguments from this and the previous post. Thank you!
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