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Jason Sullivan loved Bigmacs. He would eat it every day. They caleld him the McEater for all the mcdonalds he ate. One day he was watching the news when a headline appeared: CARGO TRUCK TRANSPORTING RADIOACTIVE WASTE GETS IN ACCIDENT. SPILL MABY POSSIBLE. Jason changed the channel uninterested. The next day he went to his favourt Mcdonalds. The problem was the roads were blocked due to police tape everywere. Seemed like an accident. "Aww crap" though Jason, he drove to the nearest Mcdonalds. "Time for my BLT " The next day the accident was cleaned up. Jason walked into the Mcdonalds. "One Bigmac please." said jason. When Jason touched the wrapping of the burger, it felt wet, a sticky wet. He didn't care much. After unwrapping his meal, the burger exploded 20 times its size! The burger opened it beefy mouth and ATE JASON!!!! It seemed the spill cause the burger to come alive and mutate. Jason Sullivan loved Bigmacs, and the Bigmac loved him... :twisted:
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